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Congrats, Grad!

All your hard work has paid off & now it’s time to celebrate! You'll love our outdoor venue.

We know it wasn’t easy getting where you are now. And for that, Gatherings on the Green would like to offer our congratulations! An outdoor venue is good for a grad party, but ours is even better. 

Whether highschool or college, graduation is a big milestone.

What’s years and years of hard work if there isn’t a party in the end? If anyone is deserving of a celebration in their name, it’s our graduates. Whether you’re making a graduation soon or are a parent of a soon to be graduate, we’re happy you’re considering the outdoor venue at Gatherings on the Green for your celebration.

No matter what you’re searching for in an event venue, no matter how many guests you’re inviting, we’ve got something in store for you.

If you’re hosting a small, more intimate celebration, consider our small events venue which features an indoor space. Hosting something a little (or a lot) bigger? You’ll love our large events venue! This venue has both an indoor and outdoor space. With graduations typically taking place in the more beautiful months of the year, it’s understandable that you’d want an outdoor space to celebrate and an indoor space to cool off from the heat.

Large Outdoor Event Venue

Salem Road, Lewisburg, OH

Life is full of special occasions and celebrations, each one an opportunity for making memories. Fill our event venue with your friends, family and loved ones. What would your graduation celebration be without all your favorite people, after all?

If you’ve found Gatherings on the Green, you’ve not only found your dream graduation venue, you’ll also have access to all our inventory, including tables, chairs, linens, an entire barn full of centerpiece decor — everything that’s ours is yours.

With an outdoor view that can’t be beat and a gorgeous interior space, the Green is the perfect setting to host a celebration for your achievements!

We Would Love To Be A Part of Your Celebration!

Questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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