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Happy Birthday! Let’s Celebrate

No matter who you’re celebrating, we’ve got the Events Place for Your Celebration.

There’s nothing more we love than a celebration & there’s no better reason to celebrate than another year! We hope your day is filled with everything that makes you happy. We have just the events place for you. 

Gatherings on the Green can help to make that a reality!

Birthdays are a celebration of the individual, sure, but a party can be so much more than that. A birthday party is a great opportunity to get together with all those you love, all those who made this past year what it was. 

A birthday party is a great kick-off of the next year to come! Who wouldn’t want to start off their next year around the sun with cake, drinks and love from friends and family?

Why choose our Events place for your birthday celebration?

We’ve curated two great locations and can meet whatever needs you have in a venue.

For your smaller, more intimate birthday celebrations, we’d recommend our smaller events place in the heart of downtown Lewisburg, OH. For larger celebrations and parties held outdoors, check out our large event venue.

Whether you’re planning a party for your own birthday or setting up a surprise party for someone dear to you, Gatherings on the Green is here to make your ideas of a magical day reality.

Large Event Venue

Salem Road, Lewisburg, OH

Life is full of special occasions and celebrations, each one an opportunity for making memories. Fill our event venue with your friends, family and loved ones. What would a birthday party be without all your favorite people, after all?

If you’ve found Gatherings on the Green, you’ve not only found your dream birthday party location, you’ll also have access to all our inventory, including tables, chairs, linens, an entire barn full of centerpiece decor — everything that’s ours is yours.

With an outdoor view that can’t be beat and a gorgeous interior space, the Green is the perfect setting to host a celebration for another year around the sun!

Small Event Venue

Commerce Street, Lewisburg, OH

Located in the back of our downtown Lewisburg gift shop, we’ve curated a small space that’s perfect for your small birthday celebration. We have a warm, welcoming space that you’re sure to fall in love with.

Our small event venue is perfect for an intimate graduation celebration with friends and family. Life is full of milestones, special occasions and celebrations. We’re keen on making any day an event, but are especially excited to celebrate birthdays!

When you’re hosting a small, intimate birthday party, we hope you consider our second location in the heart of downtown Lewisburg, OH.

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